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The Israeli Palestinian Conflict And The Northern Ireland

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Northern Ireland case had many similar elements in conflict drivers and elements that gave rise to conflict; however ,the two cases also had differing salient points. The Israelis were a diasporic community while the Ulsters in Northern Ireland were a minority group living on their own land. The Palestinian and Israeli saw each other as more of a threat than the unionist and nationalists saw each other in Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland crisis did not threaten the existence of England while the PLO had motive to destroy Israel. These were some of the several differing factors that accounted for this variation in outcome; however the main issue was threat and incentive. The actors in the Good Friday Agreement had more incentive, or less threat in accepting the agreement. Actors in the Oslo negotiations believed that was more threat for Israel-Palestine to integrate. Also, there were significant gaps in goals and incentives they had. An attempt to understand the failure of the Oslo process can be explained with a Realist lens. The Oslo agreements are inherently Liberal agreements, focusing on collective security and the possibility of cooperation and interdependence. However, under the Realist framing, the conditions in the Israel-Palestine context was not viable for the construction of a Liberal peace. Since in Realist terms, perceived threat came from other actors â€Å"If the if practical interests [of actors were] incompatible,Show MoreRelatedPower, Ideology, and Terror in the Atomic Age Worksheet1675 Words   |  7 Pageseach of the following questions with a short sentence or phrase: 1. Why were many Palestinians angered by the creation of Israel in 1948? Palestinians who lived in Palestine before 1848 thought that they had rights over the entire country and not just half. The State of Israel was proclaimed on May 14 1948, but the Arab states rejected the partition of Palestine and the existence of Israel. In 1948 Palestinians were driven out of the new Israel into refugee camps in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and otherRead MoreThe Palestinian And Israel Conflict2619 Words   |  11 Pagesnations with internal conflict that has been a victim of the recipe of quarrels time and time again. In my paper I will focus on two different conflicts, one in which who has been able to create a recipe for successful peace in the land, and another in which is still a victim of the recipe that leads to everlasting fights. The conflict I am focusing on that has been able to successfully bring its disagreements into a compromise is the Protestant and Catholic conflict in Northern Ireland during the 20thRead MoreThe Past and Present of Terrorism Essay1871 W ords   |  8 Pagesalways existed. This essay will start with a brief summary of terrorism from the 1st century the early 20th century. Then it will conduct a brief case study on Nazi Germany. Furthermore it will conduct a case study on Irelands IRA and the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Finally it will conclude on the ultimate terrorist act on the World Trade Centre of September 11th, 2001. The word terrorism came into use a couple of centuries ago. During the French Revolution it was used to describe a very violent andRead MoreEssay about Bloody Sundays Lead to Bloody Years1627 Words   |  7 Pageson greed, the need for control, and religion. An example of this can be seen in the long and nasty history between that of Ireland and Britain; a history that is known to have begun as early as the 1300’s when Ireland is officially completely under the rule of Britain, (â€Å"Timeline-Northern Ireland-the Troubles†). Although there are many horrible occasions between Ireland and Britain, there is one event that still to this day has the ability to cause people to think about how the use of force andRead MoreOne Mans Freedom Fighter, Another Mans Terrorist Essay5135 Words   |  21 PagesTherefore it can be stated that a freedom fighters goal is to liberate oppressed people from foreign powers. Where as the motivation of terrorists might also stem from a wa nt of freedom but also has its foundations in other sources, such as religious conflict, more personal motivators such as anger, frustration, hatred or more minor goals such as freeing of fellow terrorists . The U.S. Department of State defines terrorism as premeditated politically-motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatantRead More Religion in the World Today Essay5782 Words   |  24 Pagescan be traced back to the first Indian freedom- fighters against Spanish rule, over five- hundred years ago.† (www.amnesty.org) Even during the past history of civil conflict in countries such as Guatemala and El Salvador, people have demonstrated for basic human rights and personal and religious freedoms. Among the religious conflicts between the nations and its people, there is also a long tradition of persecution of the autonomy of individuals who defend human rights. Recent history has shownRead MoreWhy Has Terrorism Become Such an Important Issue over the Last 40 Years?2031 Words   |  9 Pagesappears to be slightly exaggerated and one-sided as it doesn’t offer any history or explanations for their actions. The PLO also used other methods of attacking and threatening the Israelis such as the event in 1972 in which the Black September Organization (part of the PLO) carried out the Munich massacre of Israeli Olympic athletes. Source 3 is a photograph of the damage done to Canary Wharf, London in 1996 after one of the largest IRA bomb attacks in the UK. It reflects the size of the threatRead MoreEssay on Israel-Palestine: Two-State vs One-State Solution2394 Words   |  10 PagesWhat Does The Future Hold for Israel-Palestine? The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has proven to be one of the most complex and â€Å"intractable† conflicts of modern history – or as some may even add – of all time. And after many decades of failed attempts at peacemaking in this region, there still seems to be no conceivable end to the conflict. During those same decades, most of the parties involved as well as the international community have embraced the idea of a two-state solution, but the questionRead More The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Essay3354 Words   |  14 PagesIntroduction The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the most controversial conflicts in modern history. The expansion of Israel since 1947 is seen as the beginning of the conflict, although its origins go back to the end of the 19th century, when Jewish immigration to Palestine began to increase. Since the start of the conflict, several peace negotiations have been carried out, resulting in variable degrees of success. This essay will focus on how theorists of peace and conflict have analysedRead MoreEssay about Overview and Comparison of Three Types of Terrorism1969 Words   |  8 Pagesthat is to expunge of western countries, especially the US from Muslim lands (ADL, 2013). Al Qaeda believes American influence and power is to blame for non-Islamic governments being created in countries such as: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Northern Africa (ADL, 2013). Al Qaeda’s strategy is the belief that the only way to get the western countries such as the US out of Muslim lands is to â€Å"wage war†. Waging war meaning Al Qaeda is planning to cause so much physical, political, and economical

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Harry Potter - The Next Chapter - 1202 Words

Harry looked at me. He looked a little shocked, scared, and sad. Understandably. He had just read a letter from his dead mother. Our dead mother. How odd. I didn’t know how I would tell my living parents†¦ The Grangers. I eventually decided that they didn’t need to know. Whether they know they adopted me or they were obliviated and think I am their daughter, no harm would come to them by my not telling them about this. Harry handed my letter to Ron, who read it as well. â€Å"Blimey! So you two, you’re brother and sister? That’s bloody mad!† he exclaimed in his cute, crude, blunt way. â€Å"So, you get why you can’t tell anyone, right? Not even your family?† I asked Ron. â€Å"’Course, Mione, but you won’t even tell the Grangers?† â€Å"Why†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"I think we should,† I say resolutely. Harry and Ron looked at each other. â€Å"Same here,† said Ron. Harry motioned to Ginny and Luna. â€Å"Hey guys, we have something to show†¦er†¦tell you†¦ just not here. Later. How about the astronomy tower at 9 o’clock? If you see Neville, tell him to come too, cool?† Harry said. Luna, Ron, his sister, and I showed signs of affirmation and Luna and Ginny scattered, probably to their common rooms to get their coats for the match. A few hours later, I was sitting in the Quidditch stands with Ginny, Lavender, and Parvati. Ron was actually playing quite well and had stopped several attempts on the rings. Harry was flying around very high, looking for the snitch and vaguely watching the proceedings with the Quaffle meters below. Every time Ronald made a save, Lavender, sitting to my right screeched in some unearthly pitch and blubbered over how wonderful he was. I wanted to vomit. And no, I wasn’t jealous. He didn’t like her, so there was nothing to be jealous of. Gryffindor and Slytherin were tied at 60-60. Harry seemed to finally see the snitch, and Draco, watching Harry, flew off after him. The two boys went into a steep dive and were moving so fast I felt queasy. Oh, Harry! Be careful!! I could hardly watch. Quidditch scared me. Watching my best friends flying at extremely high speeds, with heavy Bludgers flying around trying to knock them off their thin, little brooms to the hard ground, so far below.Show MoreRelatedHarry Potter : The Book Is Better1304 Words   |  6 PagesIn recent years, two books have come about to be immensely popular on the market. Those books are Twilight and Harry Potter. Harry Potter is about adolescent wizard and his best friends; they attend a school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The main story is Harry s quest to defeat the evil wizard Lord Voldemort. He wants to control the wizarding world and overpower non-magical people; he wants to get rid of his oppressors which just happen to be, Harry’s paren ts. Twilight is about a girl named IsabellaRead MoreHarry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone Analysis1171 Words   |  5 PagesGasped Harry† (Rowling, 51)- Harry Potter who has been living with the cruel Dursleys, discovers he is a wizard. In   J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry manages his first trip to Diagon Alley. Additionally, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling involves Harry Potter utilizing the Marauders Map.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Harry Potter manages a trip to Diagon Alley with Hagrid with the help of his well-known name and curiosity. In chapter 5 â€Å"Diagon Alley†, Harry Potter wakes upRead MoreEssay about The Fame and Fortune of J.K. Rowling1419 Words   |  6 Pagesthe years we have watched J.K. Rowling tower over all other authors in the world. Rowling went through many trials, tribulations and hard ships to be the great woman she is today. Rowling’s life is now in the public eye all because of one boy, Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling once said â€Å"I thought I’d written something that a handful of people might like. So this has been something of a shock.†- J.K. Rowling (Rowling J.K.). Subsequently Rowling’s life will be forever changed. Joanne Kathleen Rowling hasRead MoreWizards and Vampires: Exploring the Phenomenal Popularity of the Harry Potter and Twilight Book Series1536 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"There was a time when no one had heard of Harry Potter,† a title of an article published in the 2007 edition of the Chicago tribune. It attempted to describe the Harry Potter phenomenon. However, if written now it would be â€Å"There was a time when no one had heard of Harry Potter and Edward Cullen† the Twilight series has sparked a phenomenon equal to the Harry Potter series. To know exactly why these fictional books have become a vast phenomenon is impossible but gaining thoughts and slight understandingRead MoreHarry Potter vs. Edward Cullen Essay983 Words   |  4 Pagesno one had heard of Harry Potter,† a title of an article published in the 2007 edition of the Chicago tribune. It attempted to describe the Harry Potter phenomenon. However, if written now it would be â€Å"There was a time when no one had heard of Harry Potter and Edward Cullen† the Twilight series has sparked a phenomenon equal to the Harry Potter series. The debate over which book is better is huge between the clashing fa ns, witches and wizards vs. vampires and werewolves, Harry vs. Edward, MagicRead MoreThe Way Of The World Essay1580 Words   |  7 Pagesbecomes more fragmented in novels. The Following four works; â€Å"Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban†(1999), â€Å"The David Copperfield†(1850), â€Å"The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie†(1961) and â€Å"Dead Poets society†(1989) are defined as the literary genre ‘Bildungsroman’ in different Medias. Each of the works has different analysis of Bildungsroman as the methods of maturity. First of all, Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban is the third chapter of the seven magical series by J.K. Rowling. This is one ofRead MoreHarry Potter Series By J.k. Rowling1398 Words   |  6 Pagesrise to popularity, the widely famous and popular Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling has always caused conversation. This is because the series of seven novels addresses a variety of social issues. One of these social issues is the idea of the â€Å"Other.† The concept of the â€Å"Other† appears in the Harry Potter universe in several ways, but this essay will focus on the connection between the â€Å"Other† and muggle-borns and their supporters. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, muggle-born witches andRead MoreHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Reveiw1484 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"When I first saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, I exited the theater with an excruciating headache, a lingering sense of emptiness and a very strong desire to punch the film’s cinematographer,† (Ewing) which relates to the movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which stars Daniel Radcliffe, Michael Gambon, Jim Broadbent, and directed by David Yates. In the sixth Harry Potter Saga, Harry goes to school, becomes obsessed with a mysterious book which belongs to the Half-Blood PrinceRead MoreThe Pros And Cons Of Harry Potter1487 Words   |  6 PagesSince Harry Potter’s release there has been much conversation surrounding the controversies around it. From being considered occultic and anti-Christian to being thought of as poison to children’s minds, Harry Potter earned a spot on the list of books banned from being taught in public schools. There were many arguments concerning Harry Potter. While being written and published as a young adult book meant for ages 10 and up, many adults did not find it suitable for this age group. Jacqui KomschliesRead MoreJ.k Rowling s The Big Hit Series Of Harry Potter756 Wor ds   |  4 PagesJ.K rowling a british author that wrote the big hit series of harry potter. But she didn t start out famous and her idea for the book wasn t instantly accepted by publishers. Before Harry Potter Rowling was poor Rowling had to go to several different publishers before she found one that would publish her book. Now she became a known author and eventually the first person to become a billionaire from writing books J.K. rowling is a person worthy of praise because she overcame britain adversed to

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Should The Government Add Extra Tax On Junk Foods Essay

Should the Government Add Extra Tax on Junk Foods? The rate of junk and fatty food consumption has grown in the United States compared to the past few decades. Lifestyle reports indicate that one of the primary issues that were altered is the type of diet that people consume. Currently, it seems like many people eat junk foods almost daily. Junk food refers to any diet that has insufficient nutritional value and unhealthy ingredients. The U.S. government should add extra taxes to junk foods to promote a healthier society. Authors Leicester and Windmeijer note that â€Å"whilst there is no ‘fat tax’ operating in the world at the moment, the idea is under active consideration in Ireland, where around 60% of people are overweight or obese† (8). It seems people prefer fast and processed foods because they are available, inexpensive, and contain high caloric content. However, such meals increase susceptibility to some diseases like stroke, obesity, diabetes, heart attack, and coronary heart disorders, which are the primary causes of death among adults. If the main causes of the diseases are unhealthy feeding habits, dominated by reliance on a western diet, then it becomes unfair for the government to spend the citizen’s taxes to cover the cost. So, to overcome the problems and develop a healthy society, the government needs to implement an extra tax on junk foods. An additional tax on junk food would lead to high cost of production and prices thus reducing the overall output andShow MoreRelatedSin Tax: Why The Government Should Tax Unhealthy Drinks1274 Words   |  6 PagesSin Tax: Why the government should tax unhealthy drinks and foods Right now it is currently 12:42 am and I am craving a midnight snack so I drive to the nearest store that is open near me. I end up at AMPM a gas and food stop. I go in and head towards the snacks and purchase a bag of hot Cheetos, airheads, and a Large Sprite. Like most college students I do not eat healthy. So that is why I always choose to buy snacks because it is way more convenient and way more affordable it is basically a cheaperRead MoreWhy People Should Limit The Junk Food3296 Words   |  14 Pagesfailure, one should eat a diet low in total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Yet, is the toll of heart failure truly a surprise after looking at all of what America is really eating? Life in America is all about the delicious junk food, whether or not it is slowly killing the consumer. This is why people should limit the junk food that they consume; it is simply a death sentence to the body, mind, environment and economy. Many people do not even consider junk food as real food. It is madeRead MoreObesity Is A Growing Global Health Problem1473 Words   |  6 PagesAmerica the obesity rates has become a debatable topic. Obesity is a growing global health problem. Obesity is typically results from over-eating and not enough exercise. â€Å"In our modern world with increasingly cheap, high calorie food such as fast food or junk food, natural foods that are high in things like salt, sugars or fat, it is no wonder that obesity has rapidly increased in the last few decades, around the world† (Shah, 2010). Obesity rates have reached a constant level in January 2010 and itRead MoreSchool Lunches Government Regulations are Unhealthy for Kids and Schools 1013 Words   |  5 PagesIn LAUSD, students throw away over $100,000 in food every day. That adds up to a loss of around $18,000,000 annually, which is 10% of their food, wasted (Watanabe). Our nations schools are losing billions of dollars annually, and our weak economy is paying for school meals that many students refuse to eat, despite the efforts of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.The government is making attempts to reduce childhood obesity by regulating school meals, PE, and health education, but it has all beenRead MoreCaitlyn Bueler. 12 March 2017. Dr.Riggs. English Comp Ii.1939 Words   |  8 PagesChildhood Obesity and The Government â€Å"Childhood obesity is an condition in which a child is significantly overweight for her or his age and height.† (Mayo Clinic) With childhood obesity rates on the rise, concern among Americans is also heightening, and rightfully so. Due to this concern, many are asking, should the government be stepping in more with childhood obesity cases? Should more regulations and laws be passed to prevent childhood obesity in our children? What can our government do to help with thisRead MoreThe Problem of Obesity3993 Words   |  16 Pagesinconsistent diagnosis serves to make the threat level of obesity ambiguous. Gaesser (2004) asserts that one does not need to be lean in order to be fit. He cites coronary artery disease, the number one killer in America, as an example. Logic should dictate that obesity would be a major cause of this problem, assuming fat on the body begets fat in the blood stream and arteries. But research done at the University of Tennessee, in which coronary angiograms of 4,500 men and women were analyzedRead MoreThe Obesity Epidemic Of Obesity2517 Words   |  11 Pagesfrom 1986 to 2012 (Carroll). Thirty years ago, children had one snack a day and it was considered a luxury, however, today, children eat 200 calories when they eat a snack (â€Å"Learn the Facts†). The reason children are eating more is because parents buy food that is cheap. Some experts will say that it is human nature to keep eating, due to the history of starvation, but it is not an excuse to be unhealthy (Carroll). If that theory is correct, the human race will continue to become fatter until we willRead MoreThe Welfare System Of The United States3167 Words   |  13 Pagessuch as direct cash, support services like Head Start, tax breaks, specific goods examples like food stamps or like in kind benefits and other things along the way the will allow people to meet Necessities (Glaser, E ., 2012). When things such as direct funds are given, the beneficiary has no restraint on how the money is spent. The positive here is that the United States offers out more like in kind benefits. The things they offer along with Food stamps is healthcare benefits such as Tenn. care andRead MoreCase Study : Strategic Management Of Mcdonald s2152 Words   |  9 PagesWeakness 7 Opportunities 7 Threats 8 Conclusion 10 Reference 11 Executive summary To check how the strategic management is practiced in the organization, McDonald’s has been taken as an example. In this essay, the general environment of fast food industry and competitive environment of McDonald’s would be analyzed. Then PESTEL method is applied to analyze the overall environment of its operation while SWOT method will be adapted to figure out the strength, weakness, threats and opportunitiesRead MoreEnvironmental Issues on Global Health2289 Words   |  9 Pages The number of people living on the planet is growing at a very fast pace, and resources are not expanding. Overpopulation has made it impossible for humans to live on the planet without depleting its resources and degrading the environment. Human food supply will decrease as the population increases. Eventually, there will be a shortage of fish to eat. The changes in the ecosystem are causing the extinction of many species. The increased demands for building homes, factories, and roads are c ausing

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Evaluate the Business Strategy of Xero Company in New Zealand

Question: Discuss about the Evaluate the Business Strategy of Xero Company in New Zealand. Answer: Introduction: The current report aims to evaluate the business strategy of Xero Company in New Zealand. Xero is a software firm based in New Zealand, which is involved in developing cloud-based accounting software for medium-sized and small-sized businesses. It has offices in New Zealand, UK, Australia, Singapore and USA(Hatten, 2015). The products of the organisation are developed as software as a service (SaaS) model and they are sold through subscriptions. Even though the organisation has been relatively young, the joint experience of Drury and Edwards has helped it in accomplishing the targets of the shareholders in the beginning year(Wild, 2014). Therefore, the report sheds light on evaluating the readiness for the global market with the help of EFAS and SFAS framework in the context of Xero. Internal Factor Analysis Summary (IFAS) framework: The IFAS framework is a strategic tool that is used to assess the internal environment of an organisation along with revealing its strengths and weaknesses. The IFAS framework provides clear depiction of the input factors, which both the external and internal parties could be able to understand. In addition, this framework does not need sufficient expertise like involving many personnel or time consumption. Furthermore, this strategic tool helps in identifying only the key factors influencing the activity or strategy of an organisation. Thus, with the help of this tool, the management of Xero Company would be able to develop SWOT analysis, McKinsey matrix or it could use the same for benchmarking to improve its overall organisational performance. The executives of Xero have undertaken two key decisions at the time of developing the SaaS business. In the initial stage, the target market has been chosen strategically to offer various kinds of services. According to the observation of t he Chief Executive of Xero, the large software firms have underserved the small business market; thus, framing a chance for the provider of the right solution. This has resulted in initiation of SaaS for the small-sized businesses and the companies serving them. In addition, with the help of SaaS model, the small organisations could minimise the up-front costs, maintenance needs and estimated monthly expenditure. As a result, it has become popular in the global market. Another decision that the executives of Xero have made was to assure that the firm accumulates necessary funding from the market. In this context, (Hill, 2013)stated that the success of a firm largely depends on the confidence and satisfaction levels of the customers. With the help of adequate funding, Xero has managed to assure the required infrastructure availability for the support of the customers in order to represent stability to the potential clients. Hence, with the help of the above-mentioned strategies, Xero has succeeded in expanding into the global market. The role of the internal factors of Xero could be evaluated with the help of IFAS framework, which is briefly demonstrated as follows: Particulars Weight Rating Weighted Score Comments Strengths: Customer-oriented 0.14 4 0.56 Well-positioned Advanced technologies 0.12 4 0.48 Needs to be improved Adequate funding 0.11 3 0.33 Could opt for raising additional funds through equity funding Positive brand image 0.09 4 0.36 Well-positioned Reduction in operational costs 0.10 3 0.30 Increase in customer rates Effective customer support 0.08 4 0.32 Additional personnel could be recruited Weaknesses: Absence of research and development facility 0.06 1 0.06 Questionable Dominance of the top management 0.07 2 0.14 Questionable Undifferentiated products and services 0.09 2 0.18 Needs to focus on adding new product lines Security issue related to customer data 0.10 3 0.30 Requires implementation of a new security system Absence of time-based contracts 0.04 3 0.12 Extremely ineffective Total 1.00 3.15 Moderately satisfying The overall weighted score varies from 1 to 4, in which 1 is considered as low, 4 is high and the average is considered as 2.5 irrespective of the total number of internal factors used in evaluation. In case, if the overall weighted score is below 2.5, it denotes poor internal position of the organisation. On the contrary, a score exceeding 2.5 depicts effective internal position(Wild, 2014). In the case of Xero, the overall weighted score obtained is 3.15, which denotes that Xero has strong internal position. However, there are certain aspects like time-based contracts, product offerings, technologies and security, which could be improved to strengthen its internal position further. External Factor Analysis Summary (EFAS) framework: The readiness of Xero for the global market could be evaluated with the help of EFAS framework, which is briefly described as follows: External factors Weight Rating Weighted Score Comments External strengths: Growing customer base 0.20 4 0.80 Diversion of financial resources for educating the customers Targeting the small-sized businesses 0.15 4 0.60 Xero has been strong in this channel Service improvement 0.10 3 0.30 Despite constant feedbacks from the customers, there is scope for further improvement Increased efficiency 0.05 4 0.20 Reduced time on manual accounting and ease of access Effective collaboration 0.05 3 0.15 Collaboration in real-life financial data for effective group effort External weaknesses: Providing education to the customers 0.15 3 0.45 Well-positioned Rising competition 0.7 4 0.28 Questionable Development of ecosystem 0.7 3 0.21 Developing stage Unscheduled downtime 0.8 3 0.24 Capable in maintaining 99.99% availability Dependence on internet 0.8 4 0.32 Questionable due to poor connection or user overload Total 1 3.55 Highly effective The overall weighted score varies from 1 to 4, in which 1 is considered as low, 4 is high and the average is considered as 2.5 irrespective of the total number of internal factors used in evaluation. In case, if the overall weighted score is below 2.5, it denotes poor external position of the organisation. On the contrary, a score exceeding 2.5 depicts effective external position. In the case of Xero, the overall weighted score obtained is 3.15, which denotes that Xero has strong external position. Strategic Factor Analysis Framework (SFAS) External factors Weight Rating Weighted Score Comments External opportunities Solid ongoing Customer Relationships (Hatten, 2015) 0.35 4 0.60 Engaging in interacting with the customers to gain knowledge about what they desire and scopes of improvementsy(Ismail, 2014) Solid Communication System (Cassar, 2015). 0.10 4 0.30 Good bonding between the internal and the external stakeholders of Xero Well-designed and successful marketing strategies 0.22 3 0.80 The strategies have been constructed by analyzing the feedback of the consumers and gaining knowledge about the changing market needs Proper leveraging of Strengths (Drexler, 2014). 0.06 4 0.25 Increasing the efficiency of the operational activites Effective employees for handling the sales 0.04 3 0.40 Porper training and knowledge to the employees External threats: Missed deadlines (Bove, 2015). 0.6 3 0.35 Very less Unable to maintain pending work 0.5 4 0.38 Questionable Infrequent cash flow 0.7 3 0.23 Very infrequent High fixed cost 0.5 3 0.40 On the process of improvement Total 1 3.71 Highly effective The overall weighted score moves from 1 to 4, in which 1 is considered as low, 4 is high and the average is taken as 2.5 without even looking at the total number of the external factors used in the analysis. In this case, if the overall weighted score is under 2.5, it reveals an improper external position of the organisation. On the other hand, a score more than 2.5 reveals efficient external position. In the case of Xero, the overall weighted score obtained is 3.71, which denotes that XERO is positioned strongly in the external market (Seethamraju, 2015). Therefore, it can be said that Xero can be implemented successfully in the market. The operational plan for the allocation of the resources to the constructed strategies involves updating the budget and the cash flows for undertaking future forecasting that will be useful for proper resource allocation. It is essential that Xero is ready for the next tax year so that they can construct their financial budget and safeguard the firm from giving out additional tax. The review of the business plan is ideal so that they can introduce changes according to the transformations in the market. Xero even needs to identify the gaps that are available in their operations so that business operations can be secured. Therefore, strategies to allocate the resources are essential. Conclusion The paper that has been prepared concentrates on the accounting software service provided by Xero, who is a partner of Microsoft. The company has been established by looking at the market opportunity that is present in the global market with respect to the small organizations. The company tries to discover the accurate path that will help them enter the global market and outlines the intrinsic factors of the firm with the help summarizing the Internal Factor Analysis. The paper even evaluates the prospect of Xero to enter the international market and operate successfully. This is done by analysis of the external factors that enhance the service of the company. It is vital to understand the external factors as the company has to make necessary actions with respect to them so that they function properly. It is vital for every organization to gain success in the market where they operate and therefore the firm tries undertakes Strategic Factor Analysis Summary so that effective strategi es that can uplift the business of Xero can be identified. The analysis of these strategies will recognize the success of the company and the evaluation of their operational plan helps to deliver the best services to their customers and to remain the market leader. The company maintains the ethical business standard codes while operating in the market thereby gaining the trust of the stakeholders. Recommendation The analysis of the paper reveals that there are room for improvement within the firm, as the demand in the market is continuously changing. It is vital for Xero to maintain a good relationship with its customers and to receive their feedback so that they have an idea of what changes can be made to make their service better and satisfy the customers with ease. Xero requires distributing their financial resources effectively so that every aspect of their operations receive the desired amount and no department is neglected. Proper training and educating the customers are even necessary so that the customers know the importance of SaaS and they can invest accordingly in the software. The implementation of these factors can develop the business of Xero. References: Bove, C. L. ( 2015). Business in action. Pearson. Cassar, G. I. ( 2015). Alternative information sources and information asymmetry reduction: Evidence from small business debt. Journal of Accounting and Economics, , 59(2), 242-263. Drexler, A. F. (2014). Keeping it simple: Financial literacy and rules of thumb. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, , 6(2), 1-31. Hatten, T. S. (2015). Small business management: Entrepreneurship and beyond. Nelson Education. Hill, C. W. (2013). Global business today. McGraw-Hill Education (Australia). Ismail, N. A. ( 2014). Factors influencing the alignment of accounting information systems in small and medium sized Malaysian manufacturing firms. . Journal of Information Systems and Small Business, , 1(1-2), 1-20. Seethamraju, R. ( 2015). Adoption of software as a service (SaaS) enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Information systems frontiers , 17(3), 475-492. Wild, J. W. ( 2014). International business. Pearson Education Limited. International business. Pearson Education Limited.

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Five forces for Zappos Essay Example

Five forces for Zappos Paper The menace of new entrants into the on-line shoe/apparel market is comparatively little due to the fact that Zappos is such an established trade name and has specialized their concern theoretical account. It would be far excessively expensive for a new company to copy the features of Zappos including their following twenty-four hours bringing and big operating expense. The fact that Zappos was losing money ab initio illustrates this trouble. Another issue that would make a high barrier to entry is Zappos committedness to the consumer through nightlong transportation. Zappos stated that the nightlong transportation caused them to go forth their warehouses open for the full twenty-four hours. Any other company would be at a competitory disadvantage if they didn’t fit this concern pattern. In all the manner Zappos does concern creates excessively high a barrier to entry for menaces of new entry to be high ; for that ground we would rate it 2 OF 5. _Substitutes_ We would rate replacements at 3 OF 5. being that the menace is slightly mean. With the singularity of Zappos. non many shops can fit such a shopping experience service as Zappos. The ground we ranked the menace of replacements at 3 of 5 is because there are Brick and Mortar Stores that may be used as replacements of Zappos. These forte shops are non up to Zappos criterions. but at the same clip their specialisation with certain merchandises make them a menace to Zappos. The whole person-to-person contact can hold a large advantage in footings of client service. Zappos replies by extraordinary client service. which truly makes the mean consumer feel as if they are particular and are in contact with a existent individual. We will write a custom essay sample on Five forces for Zappos specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Five forces for Zappos specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Five forces for Zappos specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer _Rivalry_ The competition with existing houses for Zappos is just. we gave it a evaluation of 3. 5 OF 5. A chief rival for on-line retail is Amazon ; nevertheless Amazon late bought out Zappos. Since their largest rival is now a sister company. the chief competition Zappos faces are extremely specialised online retail merchants – such as Karmaloop and EastBay. These rivals pose a menace to some of Zappos’ subdivisions such as athletic places. featuring goods. accoutrements. and dress. Both of these sites offer free transportation every bit good. so that takes off one of Zappos’ chief competitory advantages. Zappos still has the premier client service. Currently their biggest challenger is eBay. eBay offers everything that Zappos does. and sometimes at a lower monetary value. However since eBay is an auction site. it can non vouch a set monetary value or free transportation like Zappos can. Customer service is where Zappos sets itself apart from its competition. offering a 365 twenty-four hours return policy and 24/7 call centre hours based in the US. _Suppliers_ We rated the bargaining power of providers at a 5 OF 5 because Zappos has a batch of purchase. A ground behind this is Zappos couldn’t map efficaciously without a co-op provider since they are a distribution company. If the provider decided that they wanted more money per cargo so Zappos most likely comply. Taking the resources to happen new supplies can be really dearly-won. Besides. they may non be able to happen a provider that can offer them the same assortment of trade names and manners that the current provider does. Another manner the provider has dickering power is that there are other companies like Amazon or Overstock. com that they could take to make concern with if Zappos isn’t fulfilling their demands. The provider is perchance the most important nexus in the value concatenation for Zappos and for this ground they have a batch of dickering power with Zappos. _Customers_ There are two aspects we can look at the dickering power of clients. ( 1 ) Zappos is client service based and the clients know that. If the clients lose their power. Zappos may lose clients. ( 2 ) Customer’s do non hold many direct replacements. Places are a necessity and here are few options like Zappos for purchasing places online. In kernel they lose a spot of their power by this fact. Opportunities are if the client does non wish brick and howitzer shops ( physical shopping ) they will still necessitate to buy from Zappos but it opens up spread so of which a new entrant may seek to take advantage. Keeping both those facets in head. the dickering power of clients can be considered intermediate ; therefore a evaluation of 3 OF 5. Decision Zappos has created a really structural attractive company. There is a batch of room for growing with the recent purchase by Amazon. ZAPPOS FIVE FORCES AND SWOT ANALYSIS’ First fix a Five Force Analysis of how Zappos operates utilizing Michael Porter’s model. Supply a short. direct and to the point analysis of each of the five forces every bit good as a Decision about the overall structural attraction of the industry in which your company operates. Confirm your analysis with DATA. Second. show an overall SWOT analysis of Zappos. discourse the deductions of the analysis for future strategic options the company might turn to. You may utilize a narrative manner or diagram for each of the industry forces and your SWOT analysis. In all instances you must Supply A SCALE of how you rate each force in footings of its consequence on the industry’s fight now and in the hereafter. e. g. High/Medium/Low and Increasing/Decreasing/ Staying the Same. The aim of this instance is for you to understand how the picks a company makes about its resources and capablenesss will impact its strategic viability.

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Thomas Saverys Steam Engine

Thomas Saverys Steam Engine Thomas Savery was born to a well-known family in Shilston, England sometime around 1650. He was well educated and exhibited a great fondness for mechanics, mathematics, experimentation and invention. Saverys Early Inventions   One of Saverys earliest inventions was a clock, which remains in his family to this day and is considered an ingenious piece of mechanism. He went on to  invent and patented arrangement of paddle  wheels driven by capstans to propel vessels in calm weather. He pitched the idea to the British Admiralty and the Wavy Board but met with no success. The principal objector was the surveyor of the Navy who dismissed Savery with the remark, And have interloping people, that have no concern with us, pretend to contrive or invent things for us? Savery was not deterred he fitted his apparatus to a small vessel and exhibited its operation on the Thames, although the invention was never introduced by the Navy. The First Steam Engine Savery invented the steam engine sometime after the debut of his paddle  wheels, an idea first conceived by  Edward Somerset, Marquis of Worcester, as well as a few other earlier inventors. It’s been rumored that Savery read Somerset’s book first describing the invention and subsequently attempted to destroy all evidence of it in anticipation of his own invention. He allegedly bought up all copies he could find and burned them.   Although the story isn’t particularly credible, a comparison of the drawings of the two engines Saverys and Somersets shows a striking resemblance. If nothing else, Savery should be given credit for the successful introduction of this semi-omnipotent and water-commanding engine. He patented the design of his first engine on July 2, 1698. A working model was submitted to the Royal Society of London. The Road to the Patent Savery faced constant and embarrassing expense in the construction of his first steam engine. He had to keep the British mines and particularly the deep pits of Cornwall free from water. He finally completed the project and conducted some successful experiments with it, exhibiting a model of his fire engine before King William III and his court at Hampton Court in 1698. Savery then obtained his patent without delay. The title of the patent reads: A grant to Thomas Savery of the sole exercise of a new invention by him invented, for raising of water, and occasioning motion to all sorts of mill works, by the important force of fire, which will be of great use for draining mines, serving towns with water, and for the working of all sorts of mills, when they have not the benefit of water nor constant winds; to hold for 14 years; with usual clauses. Introducing His Invention to the World Savery next went about letting the world know about his invention. He began a systematic and successful advertising campaign, missing no opportunity to make his plans not merely known but well understood. He obtained permission to appear with his model fire engine and to explain its operation at a meeting of the Royal Society.  The minutes of that meeting read: Mr. Savery entertained the Society with showing his engine to raise water by the force of fire. He was thanked for showing the experiment, which succeeded according to expectation, and was approved of.   Hoping to introduce his fire engine to the  mining districts of Cornwall as a pumping engine,  Savery wrote a prospectus for general circulation, The Miners Friend; or, A Description of an Engine to Raise Water by Fire.†Ã‚   Implementation of the Steam Engine Saverys prospectus was printed in London in 1702.  He proceeded to distribute it among the proprietors and managers of mines, who were finding at that time that the flow of water at certain depths was so great as to prevent operation. In many cases, the cost of drainage left no satisfactory margin of profit. Unfortunately, although Saverys fire engine began to be used for supplying water to towns, large estates, country houses and other private establishments, it did not come into general use among the mines. The  risk for explosion of the boilers or receivers was too great.   There were other difficulties in the application of the Savery engine to many kinds of work, but this was the most serious. In fact, explosions did occur with fatal results. When used in mines, the engines were necessarily placed within 30 feet or less of the lowest level and could potentially become submerged if the water should rise above that level. In many cases this would result in the loss of the engine. The mine would remain drowned unless another engine should be procured to pump it out. The consumption of fuel with these engines was very great as well. The steam could not be generated economically because the boilers used were simple forms and presented too little heating surface to secure a complete transfer of heat from the gases of combustion to the water within the boiler. This waste in the generation of steam was followed by still more serious waste in its application. Without expansion to the expulsion of water from a metallic receiver, the cold and wet sides absorbed heat with the greatest avidity. The great mass of the liquid was not heated by the steam and was expelled at the temperature at which it was raised from below. Improvements to the Steam Engine Savery later began work with Thomas Newcomen on an atmospheric steam engine.  Newcomen was an English blacksmith who invented this improvement over Slaverys previous design. The Newcomen steam engine used the force of atmospheric pressure. His engine pumped steam into a cylinder. The steam was then condensed by cold water, which created a vacuum on the inside of the cylinder. The resulting atmospheric pressure operated a piston, creating downward strokes. Unlike the engine Thomas Savery had patented in 1698, the intensity of pressure in Newcomen’s engine was not limited by the pressure of the steam. Together with John Calley, Newcomen built his first engine in 1712 atop a water-filled mineshaft and used it to pump water out of the mine. The Newcomen engine was the predecessor to the Watt engine and it was one of the most interesting pieces of technology developed during the 1700s. James Watt was an inventor and mechanical engineer born in Greenock, Scotland, renowned for his improvements of the steam engine. While working for the University of Glasgow in 1765, Watt was assigned the task of repairing a Newcomen engine, which was considered  inefficient but still the best steam engine of its time. He began to work on several improvements to Newcomens design. Most notable was his 1769 patent for a separate condenser connected to a cylinder by a valve. Unlike Newcomens engine, Watts design had a condenser that could be kept cool while the cylinder was hot. Watts engine soon became the dominant design for all modern steam engines and helped bring about the Industrial Revolution. A unit of power called the watt was named after him.

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Delivering Benefits Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Delivering Benefits - Essay Example Having multiple health-care plans is important for FedEx in slowing down increases in the cost of benefits in the following ways: Firstly, having the wellness center within the facilities where FedEx employees are trained and advised will enable the company reduce health-insurance costs significantly because the programs help in instilling greater health awareness among its employees. Secondly, we are told the FedEx have a disease management preprogram that provide health care advice to employee suffering from diseases such as arthritis, asthma, and diabetes. This program certainly enables employees understand their health condition and how to manage the diseases thereby reducing unnecessary expenses that would have otherwise been spent on health care service. Thirdly, the nurses’ telephone hotline available for employees who want to seek health care advice on minor illnesses is also important as far as reducing the cost of benefits is concerned. This is because the hotlines enables employees to get quick heath care services from professionally trained nurses thereby reducing the expenses that would be spent if the services were not provided in time (Robert and Jackson 24). This, in turn, reduces the health care cost of benefits to FedEx. Disease management might help a lot with health benefit cost in a number of ways. Firstly, the objective of the program is to minimize the effects of diseases such as arthritis, asthma, and diabetes through screening and preventive care. This is because these diseases are deadly and are likely to burden an organization financially if an employee is left to seek treatment services from the hospital. As such, having the disease management programs within the company will help employees with such illnesses better manage and treat the diseases in time. This reduces the costs that would have otherwise been spent if a patient were left to seek medication from hospitals (Robert and Jackson 26). Training programs such as